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How to choose a action camera?
Release Time:2023/6/6 17:21:03

Although both sports cameras and ordinary cameras are digital cameras used to record, there are still big differences between them: appearance, shooting Angle, use scene, lens, performance. The action camera is very small and can be easily carried or mounted on body parts, such as the head, chest, and hands, so that you can shoot through a special Angle. The environment used by the action camera is harsh, so its fall resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, shock resistance and so on are essential. When buying a sports camera, we should pay attention to these points: shooting quality, accessory richness, ease of use, battery life, three defenses.

The quality of the shot. The current mainstream action cameras support 4k 30p picture recording, while the top models support 5.3k 30p. In terms of pixels, friends who understand the camera must know that pixels are not the only indicator that determines the quality of the picture, the size of the lens, the sensor, and the anti-shake effect are the key to the imaging quality.

Accessory richness. Action cameras naturally need auxiliary accessories to match the use, rich accessories can free our hands, accessories can improve the anti-shake ability, strengthen the waterproof ability, a variety of fixed brackets for different scenes, such as motorcycle bracket, helmet bracket, hand bracket, selfie stick, waterproof cover and so on.

Ease of use. Simple control, not only to shoot easy control, post-video export clips should also be convenient.

Continue. Long battery life can not only reduce the anxiety of frequent charging, but also meet the long-term creation of records.

Three Defenses. Waterproof, shock-proof, dust-proof is the basic three requirements of the sports camera, different product protection performance is not the same, need to pay special attention to it is to support the bare machine waterproof or waterproof splash, can only be used to cope with rainy days and other scenes. However, it should be noted that the vast majority of sports cameras do not support warranty after water, so if you want to shoot in water, try to wear a waterproof sleeve, choose a model with better protection performance, such as supporting the bare machine 5 meters waterproof and so on.







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