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The First 5-in-1 Smart Helmet M1
Release Time:2023/11/27 18:16:40

For years, the only job a helmet did was to protect us in case of a crash. But what if a helmet could not only keep us safe but also enhance the way we travel, just like the Iron Man MK5 helmet. Now RELEE proudly presents to you the Magician M1 -- a revolutionary AI sports helmet.

RELEE M1 is the first helmet to integrate camera, lighting & voice command operations into one helmet, simplifying your tasks, and taking your travel experience to the next level. It’s the only helmet you need for all your outdoor adventures!

Powered by a SONY STARVIS COMS™ sensor, RELEE is the world's 1st action camera integrated helmet. Start recording your real-life adventures anytime, anywhere even while on the go!

With the powerful SONY Starvis IMX CMOS sensor chip technology, RELEE M1 captures its targets precisely, even in low light, and visualizes textures and colors distinctly. No more blurry images! M1 reliably produces crystal-clear images every time!

M1’s built-in 120° wide angle action camera captures stunning 1080P FHD footage from places only a RELEE helmet can go.

Get an instant view of video footage and share with friends right away or save for creating incredible videos of your rides. You will never miss a thing from your journey.

Press the Wi-Fi sign on the helmet, connect M1 to Lucky Cam APP through Wi-Fi. After connecting, you will have a real-time video project on screen.

M1 is designed to free your hands completely. After connecting to your iphone or Android phone via smart Bluetooth, through the in-helmet stereo & windproof mic, you are free to pick up calls, play music or access Google Maps and even order Pizza in the middle of riding with a simple voice command. Completely hands-free and hassle-free.

Have you ever found yourself in a difficult situation while riding, for instance, steering with one arm while using the other to signal a turn, making an emergency stop in busy traffic, or maybe getting an incoming call while riding? These distractions can be dangerous and cause an accident

Your safety is our priority! Whenever you encounter emergencies or abrupt situations,  just hit the button, the helmet-mounted brake warning lights will shine brightly to draw attention from motorists as you slow down or stop quickly.

Relee never cease to innovate on sports gear that help outdoor ethusiastic to take on adventure one after another. Whenever there is adventure, Relee is there for you. Relee Magician Helmet, Design for Heroes!

Relee M1 has the world's 1st magnetic replaceable helmet shell design. With a wide range of colors to choose from, you can pick the color that best suits you every day, depending on your attire or mood.

In 2022, the smart helmet M1 was participated in crowdfunding on the Kickstarter and Crowdfunding to a million HKD. 







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